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Ousted 'Star Wars' director made Daisy Ridley cry when he told her what would happen to Rey, according to Bobby Moynihan

* Colin-Trevorrow.jpgDirector Colin Trevorrow has left the "Star Wars" saga, but not before he left a strong impression on Daisy Ridley. The "Jurassic World" director was supposed to be the director of the next movie in the saga, "Episode IX," which would close out the current trilogy. But last September it was announced that he and Lucasfilm decided to "mutually" part ways. J.J. Abrams, who directed "The Force Awakens," has taken over.

But the questions about how much of Trevorrow's plot will stay in the movie will only increase after a new revelation from "Saturday Night Live" alum Bobby Moynihan.

16th January 2018

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