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When Han met Chewie: Leaked photos from the set of upcoming Star Wars spin-off show the iconic duo back together again

* Han-Chewie-clip.jpgLeaked photos from the upcoming Star Wars flick about Han Solo show one of the franchise's most iconic characters is set to feature in the film.
Pictures from the set of the movie show Woody Harrelson's character, Beckett, standing with Han Solo - played by Alden Ehrenreich - and everyone's favorite wookie, Chewbacca.

In one shot, the trio is seen on what appears to be an elevator of some sort, while a second shows Harrelson and Ehrenreich standing with a female character, believed to be Games of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

Speaking to the Tonight Show earlier this year, Harrelson revealed the name of his character, adding he is: 'kind of a criminal and a mentor to Han'.


12th July 2017

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