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Is the world a simulation?

* Simulated-world.jpgBy Jamin Huebner

In June of last year, entrepreneur Elon Musk intrigued the science and technology community with his controversial remarks about the world being a "simulation." "The odds that we're in base reality," he said during the Code Conference interview, "is one in billions." In other words, the universe we live in is probably (or is probably like) a sophisticated computer game.

This general idea has gained interest ever since the release of the popular film The Matrix (1999)-though not with much seriousness. However, through the eyes of many contemporary scientists and engineers-perhaps the most respected group of people in our age-the world is looking more and more "rigged" for life. Even a recent study debunking the theory shows that the idea is serious enough to be more than science fiction.

24th October 2017

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