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Sports, Shakespeare and Science Fiction: Story of a LTWR lecturer

* LTWE-lecturer.jpgLast January, Dr. Cynthia Headley stood in front of a class and announced her love of science fiction, sports and Shakespeare. Headley is a lecturer within the Literature and Writing Department who got her masters at CSUSM and her PhD at the University of Arizona in 2012, where her thesis is on Shakespeare.

Headley said during a response to an online interview: "I loved fantasy and science fiction because I got to see worlds that did not exist," she said. "... I was most inspired by these imaginative worlds that spoke to the potential of humanity. My favorite Shakespeare play changes. Right now, is Twelfth Night," said Headley.

In her Literature and Writing 100 course, Headley teaches it as a requirement and has students reenact a modern scene of the play for their final. The reenactments consist of game shows, reality television to a news report. She was inspired by her father, Steve Headley, and Roger Halstead, a high school teacher who taught US Government at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California.

31st October 2017

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