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Charity autograph event Utrecht, Netherlands

* Utrecht-signing-poster.jpgOn Saturday 11th November there will be a charity autograph event, in Utrecht, Netherlands.

This xogoldgold Charity SCI -FI WARS Event takes place at the Bigges Vintage Fair in Europe.

If you want to attend the event you have to buy the tickets at the show above. If you can't come you can order autographs or send your item to get is signed. More infomation you find under the our Autograph Service.

Signing from 11.00 - 17.00

Featuring many of those actors, designers and artists who made Star Wars and other fantastic sci-fi and action movies possible this will be your chance to catch an autograph or three!

www.xogold13.de / www.verzamelaarsjaarbeurs.nl

7th November 2017

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