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The future is going to be weird, but at least Joelle Renstrom is here to explain it to us

* Joelle.jpgby Dylan Love

Writer and academic Joelle Renstrom contemplates the implications of the singularity and suggests that the rise of machines will result in a personal erosion of purpose and deepening sense of human isolation. Renstrom suggests that it's important to consider emergent technological trends from a liberal arts perspective and consider the ways that the machines we create affect our minds.

The technological singularity has a human ambassador in Boston University writing professorJoelle Renstrom. Speaking at HubWeek , Boston's weeklong festival on art, science, and innovation, Renstrom brought the radical rise of modern technology front and center, then asked the audience to think about what comes next. Owning a driverless car? Having sex with robots? "Hiring" machines to care for your kids or elderly family?

14th November 2017

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