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Religion in Science Fiction Television

* Alien-beauty.jpgConsider this: you are two thousand years in the future. You live in a different part of the galaxy. You have never seen Earth and it's not even a planet you are sure is still out there. So which religion do you follow?

Christianity says Jesus will return to Earth one day. Would it matter to someone hundreds or thousands of light years away if a son of God goes back to another planet? They're not going to see it. In Islam, one makes a pilgrimage to Mecca. I imagine it would be very difficult journey when one is so far from the planet where Mecca exists.

What of religions that just revere aspects of the planet one is on? Can those translate? If someone is not on a planet and they are surrounded by stars on all sides, and they can actually go and journey to their stars, do they worship mere planets or do they feel themselves beings who exceed them? What faith evolves in a Type III Civilization?

14th November 2017

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