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How did you get into Star Wars?

* Into-SW.jpgBy Joe Tonelli

At some point or another, we were all bitten by the Star Wars bug-er-sandflea. We were dragged to a theater by a cool uncle, handed an N64 controller to play Star Wars Episode I: Pod Racer (let's be kind to those whose first exposure may not have been the original trilogy), or just caught a marathon over Thanksgiving weekend.

For me, it came in the form of a very lifelike animatronic Darth Vader coin bank (or at least it felt lifelike to my childhood wonder). I can still hear the gears crunching as he turned on his pedestal, swinging his lightsaber each time I dropped a coin in (my brother and I put a lot of coins in). I can hear the slightly tinny version of the Imperial March play, giving way to a few classic Vader breaths, before James Earl Jones intones "Impressive, most impressive, but you are not a Jedi yet."

28th November 2017

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