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Pulp science-fiction? How Quentin Tarantino could save Star Trek

* Quentin-Tarantino.jpgIf you were to draw up a shortlist of likely directors for the next Star Trek movie, auteurish cinephile, renowned grump and all-round cuss-enthusiast Quentin Tarantino would probably not be on it. And yet we may be plotting a course towards exactly that. QT has pitched a Trek idea to producer JJ Abrams, who is so impressed that he's going to assemble a writers' room to hammer it out. Tarantino could feasibly direct.

Yes, it sounds like spinning-bowtie, box-of-frogs madness: a cray-cray cross-pollination of eye-watering obscenity and Prime Directive piousness. But imagine Tarantino boldly going where no one has gone before. It could crash and burn like the USS Vengeance. Or - and try to seriously picture it for a second - it could be utterly fantastic.

12th December 2017

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