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What makes Star Wars so special?

It's the most wonderful time of the year: the weekend of a Star Wars release! 'The Last Jedi' may have an ominous title, but it's hardly the last movie in this multi-generational franchise. What makes Star Wars hold a special place in our hearts? It's impossible to answer for everone, but here are five ways the series has set the standard for entertaining a planet.

Star Wars is one of the most iconic examples of sci-fi in media. It has all the hallmarks of space battles to alien languages. One could argue that no word sums up the genre as well as the sound of a blaster  firing. It captures the imagination of what could be and inspires young inventors to examine just how practical it would be to build a lightsabre, but what makes Star Wars special is that the universe is built upon a single exception to the rule. The Force is magic in a world of science. It would entirely earn han's label of "simple tricks and nonsense" except that it objectively works. George Lucas wrote a fantasy in technological clothing which made it special, mysterious, and set the stage for the rest of the items on this list.

19th December 2017

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