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Michelle Williams' 'Venom' role has been confirmed

* Venom.jpgMichelle Williams was announced as having joined the cast of Sony's 'Venom' back in September, but because the film was so early into development, it wasn't specified which character she would play, although there were rumors that she would play Eddie Brock's (Tom Hardy) ex-wife Anne Weying. Now it can be confirmed that this is indeed Williams' role.

Ruben Fleischer ('Gangster Squad', 'Zombieland') is directing the film, which also stars Riz Ahmed and Jenny Slate, with Woody Harrelson's name recently attached, although unconfirmed. The story will draw from the comic book stories 'Lethal Protector'and 'Planet of the Symbiotes'. Spider-Man (Tom Holland) will not appear. Beyond that, not much else is known.

Williams appears next in the highly anticipated musical 'The Greatest Showman' and Ridley Scott's true crime drama 'All the Money in the World'. While promoting the latter, she managed to discuss 'Venom' briefly, saying:

24th December 2017

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