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Moving from science fiction to science fact-Intel and Linden Lab partner to create the fourth dimension at CES

* 4th-dimension.jpgBy Frank Soqui

Linden Lab's Sansar, a new VR-enabled online community provides content creators with powerful tools to unleash immersive, dreamlike digital worlds. Create and enjoy your very own Sansar VR world on 8th Gen Intel(r) Core(tm) processor-based PCs, add HTC Vive headsets equipped with Intel's Wigig technology, and the end result is a Fourth Dimension wireless experience that defies human imagination.

Together Intel and Sansar are delivering compute experiences where you and others from around the world may explore the inside of an 8th Gen Intel Core processor, transport to a set location from the upcoming movie Ready Player One and witness many of the same Intel demos being shared live in Las Vegas.

16th January 2018

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