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Making magic with star wars: secrets of the empire

* Star-Wars-magic.jpgStarwars.com speaks with some of the key minds behind the groundbreaking hyper-reality experience. The odds aren't good. I'm a rebel, so already the cards are stacked against me. My squad and I have to infiltrate an Imperial base. There are four of us against what I'm sure will be many, many more than that.

Our mission, assigned by Captain Cassian Andor himself, is to recover a crate that's housing some kind of secret data. We're getting some help from this droid; he's a little sarcastic for my tastes, but he gets the job done, so I can't complain too much. What's worse about this whole thing is that the base is on Mustafar, a lava planet. Will make you wish you were on Hoth, from what I hear. If you ask me, it sounds like a wild bantha chase. Hopefully it's not.

We go in unarmed and undercover as stormtroopers, suiting up in the pristine armor that's become a symbol of tyranny across the galaxy. It feels a little weird to even pretend to be the bad guys, but we look the part. Things go okay at first. We make it planet-side, ride a skiff up and go unnoticed. But I feel the blistering heat from the lava. The smell of burning atmosphere hangs in the air. We're really here.

23rd January 2018

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