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A new anthology will honour Arthur C. Clarke with 2,001-word stories

* Honour-AC-Clarke.jpgScience fiction author Arthur C. Clarke would have turned 100 years old in 2017. Over the course of his long career, he left a legacy that science fiction authors still follow, by putting a premium on the scientific realism in his stories. A new anthology aims to honor the late author's legacy by collecting a series of stories. Each story will have exactly 2,001 words, a reference to his most famous work, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The team behind the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award - an annual recognition for the best science fiction novel published in the UK - is assembling the anthology in partnership with NewCon Press. The anthology will honor the century of Clarke's life and his works. The organizers say they "wanted to make sure that the scope of the anthology was as broad as the fluid definition of science fiction for which the Clarke Award is renowned, while still retaining a direct acknowledgment of Sir Arthur's own work."

30th January 2018

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