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Final Frontier Friday: 'Threshold'

* ST-Voayager.jpgHello and welcome as always to 'Final Frontier Friday.' This week I'll be continuing my quest to focus on things that aren't the original 'Star Trek' or 'The Next Generation' by tackling an episode of 'Voyager'. In fact, for some of you, 'Threshold' may very well be "that episode" of 'Voyager'. Suffice to say, last time I was to some extent taking up the defense of an unpopular (or at least divisive) character in Ezri Dax.

But I'd be shocked, if anything, if I had to say about 'Threshold' was terribly controversial.

'Threshold' originated when Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore approached Michael De Luca (then head of New Line Cinema and a self-professed Trekkie) about writing an episode. De Luca pitched the story, which was then scripted by Braga. Braga, who describes the episode as a tribute of sorts to the David Cronenberg version of 'The Fly', heavily revised the script before production, with some assistance from Paris actor Robert Duncan McNeill. McNeill, who by his own admission, was never quite sure what to make of the script and was instrumental in shaping its conclusion.

30th January 2018

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