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John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction Vortex #4 review: delightfully disgusting body horror

* Tales-Sci-Fi.jpgThe team at the mining facility is left reeling from the discovery of Sinclair, the young woman who was a part of Dixon's initial investigation team, still alive. The facility was left decompressed and vulnerable to the deathly cold of space after Dixon and Cheron escaped in the initial visit. Her survival should be impossible. Plus, there are communication problems between the mining facility and the space station.

Writer: Mike Sizemore, Artist: Dave Kennedy, Color Artist: Pete Kennedy, Letters: Janice Chiang, Cover by: Tim Bradstreet, Editor: Sandy King, Based on a story by John Carpenter and Sandy King, Book Design: Shannon Forrey, Title Treatment: John Galati Publisher: Storm King Productions, Release Date: Out Now, Price: $3.99

26th February 2018

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