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Best science fiction and fantasy books out this month

* Feed-sci-fi-books.jpgThe Feed (Morrow), Nick Clark Windo's debut, quickly establishes this is not your typical post-apocalyptic scenario. Readers are introduced to Tom and Kate, a couple living in the very near future; they are trying to establish dominance over the Feed, technology implanted in their brains that allows them instant access to social media and the Internet.

The Feed goes down, and sometimes when people go to sleep they wake up as someone else. The book skips forward in time to a small, makeshift community trying to survive after the fall of society, desperate to raise children who never had the Feed. When Kate and Tom's daughter, Bea, is kidnapped, the couple go on a trek to get her back and learn the truth about the Feed and their fates. Though there are clear similarities to "The Walking Dead" and "The Circle," the book offers fresh, smart commentary about digital dependence and its potential effect on our minds and relationships.

5th March 2018

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