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Watch Tom Hardy's very weird Star Wars: The Last Jedi deleted scene

* SW-scene.jpgTom Hardy's cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi has become the stuff of legend. It leaked well before the movie's release last year that the Peaky Blinders actor had filmed something for director Rian Johnson's sequel, apparently alongside John Boyega and surprise set visitors Princes William and Harry.

Hardy's scene unfortunately didn't make into the final cut, leaving fans to wonder what all that fuss was about. Thankfully, his cameo is included in The Last Jedi's home video release, and has now dropped online.

The actor's face isn't actually seen in the clip, which you can watch below. Rather, he's playing a Stormtrooper who gets a bit too handsy with Finn (Boyega) during the raid on the First Order's base:

19th March 2018

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