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Cryonics - still between science and science fiction

* Cryonics.jpgWalking over to the law office of Oh & Son through the bustling streets of downtown Seoul, CEO Han Hyeong-tae of Human High Tech casually explained how he brought KrioRus, a cryonics service provider, to Korea. Initial contracts with the Russian company seemed to be no less casual.

"During the talks, I didn't get to see them in person, but we talked online. We signed a five-year contract in November," Han said. "And we launched the service in Korea on Feb. 1."

"Them" referred to Valerija Pride, co-founder of KrioRus, and other officials from the company. For the past decade, KrioRus has been one of the two cryonics companies in the world - along with U.S.-based Alcor - that has been freezing and storing dead bodies in hopes of thawing them back to life.

26th March 2018

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