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Now Amazon is spending $1 billion on a science fiction show

* Amazon-sci-fi.jpgLast week, we learned that e-commerce giant Amazon, headed by $125 billion man Jeff Bezos, was going to spend $500 million on making two seasons of a Lord of the Rings TV show. Shocked and appalled, we stared with mouths agape, marveling that HBO only spent $100 on season 6 of Game of Thrones, its most expensive yet, and that only after the show had been around a while and proven its worth. What excess! What vanity! Surely it was not to be borne!

Well, it ends up that Amazon was just getting started. Now, the Financial Times reports that the company is going spend freaking $1 billion on a three-season adaptation of The Three-Body Problem, a popular science fiction novel series by author Liu Cixin. We were so naive last week.

3rd April 2018

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