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The Titan review - unexciting Netflix sci-fi squanders its premise

* Sam-Worthington.jpgSam Worthington is a lifeless protagonist in a film about a government genetics experiment to evolve man into space. The 41-year-old Australian actor, has become something of a sci-fi mainstay. And despite his unimpeachably good looks, directors keep turning him into aliens, or quasi-human hybrids, or terminators.

Most recently, in the new Netflix release The Titan, Worthington plays a military man who's subject to an insane government-funded genetic experiment, causing him to lose his hair, shed his skin, and acquire, among other strange metamorphoses, bat DNA.

By the end of the film, he looks a lot like his character in Avatar, in other words far from the chiseled handsome actor he actually is. I have an idea why he seems to constantly be utilized - effaced, really - in such a way, and it's because Sam Worthington is perhaps the blandest actor alive.

3rd April 2018

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